If you are planning to visit Spain or another country where Spanish is spoken, this is your class! 


“Spanish for Travelers” has been conceived to provide you useful language resources and cultural information. By the end of the course, you will have acquired some useful Spanish phrases that will help you to feel more ease in the real-life situations of your trip, social correctness, and sense of cultural awareness. During the course you will be introduced to different situations and its vocabulary, and will be asked to use it in oral and writing exercises as well as in role-play activities. You will learn Spanish in a fun and entertaining way!


You will learn:


  • How to greet someone and introduce yourself 

  • How to solve problems in the airport 

  • How to express yourself in the hotel

  • How to ask for directions

  • How to get around: taxi, bus, metro... 

  • How to shop in Spanish

  • How to order in a restaurant

  • How to make plans on the phone

  • How to ask for help or offer your help 

Spanish for Travelers

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“Thank you so much for teaching this class, it passed by so fast, but I went from zero Spanish to impressing my kids!  I really enjoyed your teaching style and would like to continue learning Spanish.

S. Schwaiger- 02/13/2015”


“Dear teacher Alina,

Thank you for the excellent teaching in the last weeks for Spanish for Travelers. As you know we basically know nothing of Spanish before we join the course, but we learned a lot and you have a very good teaching technique and rich knowledge of Spanish language. Keep up good work and hope we will join your other course again in later this year. A. Hu-02/10/2015”


“Dear Alina,

We truly enjoyed your class on Spanish for Travelers.  I think it could have been expanded for two additional meetings at least!  Your method of teaching made learning much easier and the format of the class was easy to follow. M.Castro-02/12/2015”


“I really enjoy studying Spanish with you. I would like to attend a future class if you schedule one.  



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