General Spanish Course

This course provides a General Spanish curriculum to help students to communicate effectively and confidently in Spanish. Each unit integrates grammar, reading, vocabulary, writing skills, listening activities, and a wide range of opportunities to improve speaking skills as well as enhance your accent.


In these courses you will develop accuracy in speaking, listening, reading and writing. Also, you will be exposed to interesting communicative activities to build confidence in speaking Spanish. In order to do this, we will use effective, engaging teaching methods and materials specially selected for their relevance to your learning requirements.


At Española San Diego Language Services we believe that students are a very important part of their own learning process. Because of this, students have an active role in class and they learn by doing.






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More information:

  • Levels:  from beginner (A1) to proficiency (C2)

  • Available:  All year round

  • Class size:  One-to-one or mini-group (Max 4 students)

  • Timetable:

    • 1 time/week, 1.5 hours/day or

    • Ask for different timetables

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