Exam Preparation: AP Spanish and SAT Spanish

If you need some extra help to get ready for the AP Spanish exam or the SAT Subject Test Spanish, I can help you!


Exam Prep classes will help you to develop the key skills and techniques you need to know how to do well in each specific exam. I believe students who are comfortable and familiar with  exam's format, perform better on the examination's day.


In each exam prep classes, we will practice past exams, discuss grammatical and reading comprehension questions, and cultural connotations. If during a class, I detect you have a lack of knowledge related to a specific grammatical point, I will provide you some extra materials to work on, in addition to a grammatical explanation. 


With some practice, and your effort, you will get the necessary preparation to perform well in each part of the exam. Close to the exam's date,  we will start practicing on oral presentations and interviews together. You will be timed and you will practice in the same exam conditions you will have when you take the real exam.

These AP Spanish or SAT Spanish exam prep classes last a minimum of 1.5 hours/session or 2 hours/session.

I recommend you to book right away your first session! Close to the exam date, usually I am completely booked.


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