Corporate Spanish Courses

Española San Diego Language Services offers high-quality In-company Corporate Spanish Courses to optimize its clients learning time. You do not need to come to us. We will go to your company at the time that best fits in your company/employee schedule.


Española San Diego Language Services can help your company obtain cross-cultural boundaries and language skills necessary to succeed in the international marketplace. The training that we offer is goal oriented and can be customized to meet the specific need of your organization. Our language training programs offer all levels of language instruction from beginner to professional. Native instructors will give your employees confidence to speak and understand Spanish from the first day.


How do we work?


If you are interested in our training programs for companies, please call us (858 231 7385) or email us ( to schedule a visit. We will be pleased going to your company to present our portfolio of Spanish training programs.


Once we discuss about how Española San Diego Language Services can help your organization, and you decide about the program that better fit with your company, we will start testing your employees. The placement test consists of two different parts: a written test, and an oral interview. After the assessment, you will receive a feedback about the results of each employee, and the appropriate level they must enroll in. If you are looking for group classes, at this point we will be able to make the different groups. Also we will assign the timetables that best fit your company/employee schedule.


Next step will be to stablish the right program for each group or employee. We will work together with your company to define the goals you want your employees achieve. Española San Diego Language Services can develop tailor-made programs adapted to your particular needs and specific purposes. For instance, to prepare someone for making a presentation, mastering specialized terminology, understanding or composing emails, interviewing, or negotiating.


Both one-to-one and group rates are available. Groups will be limited to eight students to ensure interaction and personal attention.


Classes may be conducted at your company and also via Skype.

(858) 231 7385

Corporate One-to-one Courses

We will focus on your specific needs, and help you to communicate accurately. Because of the use of a communicative methodology, you quickly will apply the language and communication skills in your workplace. Española San Diego Language Services come to your company to maximize your productivity. For those that need more flexibility, we also offer live online classes.


Corporate Group Courses

A way to provide Spanish classes for co-workers who have a similar Spanish level, and same needs and goals. Groups are up to eight (8) students. Española San Diego Language Services come to your company to maximize your productivity.


Customized Courses

Española San Diego can create course materials to help you achieve your goals. Together, we will define your needs and learning objectives, professional terminology or methods. From that point on, we will create your customized course.

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