Conversation Classes

This course is aimed for students who want to improve their communication skills. We will use authentic materials as newspapers' articles, a TV program, currents events, videos, songs, magazines, a Spanish web page... as starting point for discussion. The topics will be chosen depending on the client's needs or interests.


The student will develop vocabulary, reinforce grammatical structures, learn new idioms and how to use them in context, etc.


Come to the class prepared to talk as much as possible in a friendly ambience!

(858) 231 7385

More information:

  • Levels:  from beginner (A1) to advanced (C1)

  • Available:  All year round

  • Class size:  One-to-one or mini-group (Max 4 students)

  • Extensive: 

    • 1 time/week, 1.5 hours/day or

    • Ask for different timetables

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